You may recognise me from a previous blog called The Ickle Wabbit, however, it's been a good year since I last posted on there and it was predominantly a beauty blog with a bit of 'lifestyle' thrown in for good measure. This blog is more of a mix bag - much like my life itself. So here our a few facts about me if you so wish to read on...

  1. I'm 21 years old, born in July.
  2. I'm not a natural redhead. ;)
  3. My passions in life is law, photography, comics, beauty and tattoos.
  4. Speaking of tattoos, I currently have seven.
  5. I'm going to Derby University in September to study Law LLB.
  6. I own a film, polaroid and digital camera.
  7. I have Batman and Catwoman tattooed on my left thigh.
  8. To my dismay, I own more red lipsticks than I could possibly finish in my lifetime.
  9. DC Comics girl by heart, but slowly loving Marvel Comics thanks to my boyfriend.
  10. I like dressing up. So far I have costumes for: Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises), Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum), Little Red Riding Hood, Black Canary and Jessica Rabbit.
  11. I've started a POP Vinyl figure addiction. Le sigh.
  12. Even though I'm a summer baby, I prefer the winter. Snuggling in blankets with hot drinks is the best.
  13. Now that I am free from college, I'm reading a lot more to compensate for the nine months without.
  14. My eyes change colour. Nope, I'm not Mystique!
  15. I'm right handed.
  16. I have an older brother named Jamie and an older half brother named Lee. 
  17. We have a crazy Border Collie cross Lurcher named Harley in the household. He's nearly one and he's half the size of me.
  18. I own too many gadgets.
  19. My favourite movie is The Crow.
  20. Andddd... I have two Alice in Wonderland tattoos. :)
Tell me a little bit about yourself!

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