Uni is a stressful thing for anyone and everyone. I've been going through the process of applying for uni since last year - and finally the day arrived. I GOT IN!

For the past few weeks I've been trying to keep the stress levels down and writing down to-do lists including what I need for my halls of residence, what forms need to be filled out and what stationery I need to buy. We all know that's my favourite part. Ahem.

I've been going through my lists week by week. It's helped to keep the cost down of getting everything I need - bed linen, towels, backpack, etc... - and keeps me more excited for finally moving onto a new chapter of my life.

It's a scary thing. All soon-to-be university students will be upping and leaving their homes, starting a new adventure alone and hoping to have the best three/four years of their lives. It is a bittersweet experience. But we can do it!

To the 2014 freshers out there - all I will say is... BRING IT!