From left to right: Arkham Origins Deathstroke, Bombshell Batwoman, Robin, Talon and Year Zero Batman

On July 23rd, it was Batman's birthday with him celebrating 75 years of being the caped crusader. My local comic book store, Nostalgia and Comics - based in Birmingham, held a charity event in celebration. 

A group of friends and myself dressed up as various Batman characters and went around the shop - and the streets! - asking for money to be donated to Birmingham Children's Hospital. There were cakes, a raffle and also a special Batman comic which was free to anyone who purchased something that day. 

Nostalgia and Comics will be holding more charity events, much like this one, and hope you can be of aid! Keep an eye on their Twitter feed for more information on how you can get involved. If you don't, well... Keep an eye out for this character in the shadows...

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