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It's been a while, but as you may have known, I've moved and am currently at university studying law!

I've been in Derby since 13th September and it's been such a whirlwind journey. From packing up my life into boxes, a suitcase and various bags - to moving into halls and starting a degree. I never once thought I would be doing this. I was so set against university for such a long time and then the time came when I realised it's what I needed to do to get to where I want to be.

Settling into university life is so different from how you imagine it. We had two weeks of freshers... Two weeks of drinking and staying out until 3/4am when you have a lecture at 10am... Spending so much money on alcohol, and when you're nursing a hangover, takeaways. I've made some brilliant friends already - from my halls of residence, to the people on my course. It's just a shame I live with four moronic people in my flat out of six! But that's all talked about on my Twitter timeline. ;)

I'll try and settle into a blog routine once again after I've had a few more weeks of lectures... No promises - but I'm still alive!


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